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Our e-commerce support package for local businesses

Up to April 1st, we're offering a free e-commerce support package to local businesses.

Our e-commerce support package for local businesses

We mentioned in our blog ‘Coronavirus - The Role of Marketing in a Pandemic’ that we were busy looking at ways we could translate our digital know-how into results for businesses that were struggling the most during these challenging times. The good news is, we’ve got our offering ready and we’re looking for local businesses to help.

If you’re a food startup, small food retailer or similar and you’re trying to adapt fast to the current climate, then we can help. With a cut off date of 1st April, we’re offering - up to five - local businesses the chance to have a free, transactional site to help you get set up for contact-free collection or delivery, so you can keep operating, supporting your customers and retaining staff throughout this unprecedented time.

Or, if you don’t need a transactional site, we can also help you set up a single page site to give yourself a presence online.

How do I get involved?

If this is you and you’re keen to be considered, all you have to do is message [email protected] by close of play 1st April telling us:

  • Where you’re based
  • What you sell
  • What you hope to provide (delivery/drop off/collection)
  • How many products you intend to run with

What do I get?

The chosen companies will hear back by April 3rd and will receive:

  • Setup of Transactional Shopify website
  • Theme installation
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Hosting of Shopify to be paid for by you - costs vary between £30 - £300

Update: This was available until April 2020, but we're still looking to help local businesses get hooked up online! Take a look at our starter e-commerce offering.

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