Disaronno self-initiated rebrand

A new spin on the world’s favourite Italian liqueur

Disaronno was born in 1525 by a simple gesture of kindness. So, we thought 'why not give something back?' This was a self-initiated project where we provided a new visual look for an Italian classic.

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Disaronno self-initiated rebrand
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Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Disaronno have paved the way to become one of the most famous, globally-recognisable Italian liqueurs.

But an ever-changing, competitive market demands adaptability. With the brand striving to bring new products to market, a refreshed identity can capture the Disaronno's deep heritage whilst looking forward to the future.

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Looking to the past to shape a better future.

We wanted to create an identity that focused on Italian culture and surroundings, helping to communicate the brand towards a younger audience.

Rather than creating a product, we envisioned a movement; a liqueur that can speak to other interests, including fashion and travel.

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A focus on type and partnerships with colour.

We drew inspiration from old signage and posters to stem structure for typographic layouts.

This was injected with colour taken from Italian nature, architecture and culture. This palette became the base which brings balance.

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Capturing the classic with a sense of luxury, modernity and accessibility.

The resulting visual identity celebrates the essence of this historic brand. A strategic balance gives a sense of luxury within a brand that is accessible to all.

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