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Simon Rabjohns James Munro Amanda Haywood-Atkinson Jonny Paylor Mark Gledhill

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Project overview

Graham Sanderson Interiors is a UK-based retailer, specialising in stylish, high-end fabrics, wallpapers, homewares and more. We were tasked with creating a new online home for the brand which would further elevate its market position both in the eyes of incredible brands as well as its customers.

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Graham Sanderson Interiors

15% increase in online transactions

34% increase in mobile conversion rate

17% increase in mobile revenue

“Extreme has taken our digital strategy to the next level”

Joel Sanderson Director, Graham Sanderson


Attract and engage new customers and high-end brands

The new proposition had to service loyal customers whilst selling the quality of the offering in order to bring new ones towards the site. This was coupled with a need to boost the brand overall in line with competitors; this meant looking at the visual identity and how the site could attract new, appealing and high-end brands.

  • The visual identity was outdated
  • User experience was limiting the success of the site
  • The site required bespoke area for fabric measurement and enhanced quotes
Gs Moodboard@2X Graham Sanderson Logo@2X

Graham Sanderson needed a new visual identity and an intuitive, high-end platform that represented the quality of products and services on offer.

Gs Laptop Home@2X


Capturing quality, choice and expertise in a new user experience

We needed to create a platform that positioned Graham Sanderson as the market leader of designer fabrics. The site needed to put user experience at the fore, giving customers the ability to easily browse an extensive range of high-quality products, as well as request detailed quotes and create completely bespoke interior fabrics.

Gs Mobile Wireframe@2X 1770X1640 3


A brand new look with an equally impressive platform to showcase it

We focused our expertise on ensuring the website would engage with the high-end brands Graham Sanderson wanted to attract. We worked hard to create a smooth experience that simplified the complex selection and quote request process.

We increased the site’s visibility for fabrics and collections by paying special attention to how the pages were going to be optimised, especially when many pages share similar characteristics, which raised duplicate content issues.

1920X1025 Gs Web Visuals


Showcasing the Graham Sanderson offering to a wider audience

To ensure the website performed exactly as the key audiences would require, we were able to ensure the site answered key user queries and recognised diverse intent. Niche search terms are recognised for people at all stages of the consumer journey.

Post-launch, Extreme continues to monitor the user journey using specialist tracking software, coupled with Google Analytics, to ensure key areas of the site are being found and utilised effectively.

15% increase in online transactions

34% increase in mobile conversion rate

17% increase in mobile revenue

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