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Our guide to managing privacy & tracking in 2023

Marketing can be a minefield, with new privacy and tracking rules making things even trickier. Here's how to understand your results and deliver value in today's world.

Read on for the ultimate guide to privacy & tracking...

EC Privacy Whitepaper Mockup 2023

Need a clear run down of what the new privacy and tracking rules mean for your marketing campaigns? We've done the hard work, so you don't have to. While it might feel like you're seeing less and less data, we've rounded up all the ways you can track, interpret and manage your campaigns in an ever-changing world.

This report includes:

EC Privacy Whitepaper Mockup pages
  • Privacy and tracking changes
    What's new and why?
  • How to target
    Transforming challenges into opportunities.
  • Understanding the journey
    Consumer behaviour and trigger moments.
  • A deep dive into privacy
    Understanding Google and iOS changes.

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