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Work that commands attention and delivers results

We love nothing more than when a brand transformation comes together. Here's a look at some recent projects we've worked on — each made with love in Harrogate, Yorkshire.


Building a brand requires clarity on who, what, how and — most importantly — why?

A knock-out branding transformation skilfully blends a number of magic ingredients.

A logo won’t cut it, neither will a strapline; creative branding considers every touchpoint and harnesses it to garner loyalty, engagement and to ensure your values are present in everything you do.

Brand Strategy

Let's find your tribe and bring you closer to them.

Beyond target audiences and market segments, who are your people? What do they care about? How do we reach them and how do we resonate with them to build lasting relationships?

Strategic branding is about expressing your personality and values. It's every element of your offering and your promise to those you engage with, wrapped up in both visual and written communication.

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Visual Identity

Stand out and stand strong.

This is where your brand comes to life. Anchored in solid strategy, our agency will develop a versatile visual identity that captures the unique spirit and personality of your brand. We'll be sure to make your first impression count, confidently and with style.

Tone of Voice

What you say and how you say it are crucial to the success of your brand.

Words matter. How you say them matters. What you don't say matters.

Your tone of voice will be identifiable across all your brand touch points and deliver the same air of expertise and personality that you would if you were talking face-to-face.

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Simple is genius.

No fluff, no bumf, just a razor-sharp vision of the future for your brand with a clear, actionable plan of how to get you there.

Eager to immerse ourselves in your business, we will gather insight, identify opportunities, challenge assumptions and distill what is discovered into a solid brand strategy that'll set you up for growth.

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“The BishopSound brand and the confidence of our customers grows daily.”

Andrew Bishop Owner, BishopSound

Andrew Bishop

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We'll invest time getting to grips with what you need to meet your objectives and reach your audiences; then we’ll bring together the best possible combination of our digital marketing and web development experts to deliver your project.