We Love Craft CMS

If there was ever such thing as a Craft CMS development agency, we'd be as close as it comes.

Using the platform, we're able to build visually-stunning, bespoke websites that deliver results for clients.

Over the last few years, Craft CMS has become our favoured content management system (CMS) platform for bespoke web development.

It allows us to do some of our most creative work and technical website development.

We’ve worked with many brands and businesses, large and small — as a marker of our expertise, we’re even official Craft CMS Partners.

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Award-winning websites

Whilst similar in principle to other content management systems such as Craft CMS stands apart by being created with developers in mind.

Craft developers have the ultimate platform to create rich, content-managed websites that deliver both technical and creative quality.

From team Extreme's HQ in Harrogate, Yorkshire, we’ve built many stunning, award-winning bespoke websites on the platform.

Craft allows us to leverage a flexible API and intuitive CMS interface, coupling that with a great looking, functional design.

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Flexible content management

Even though it takes our technical expertise to build a truly standout Craft CMS website, an end user in the CMS will find the interface familiar.

This is thanks to its WYSIWYG-style content editing tools, with much more flexibility that is normally available.

A Craft CMS-based website makes it incredibly easy for editors to bring in content from different areas of the site. You’re able to build rich and engaging pages through the browser, and at Extreme we can tailor it to your exact requirements.

“We are so glad that we asked Extreme to design, build and create our website. The CMS is genius and this enables us to easily and quickly populate our website. Commercially we are delighted and the response from clients has been amazing!”

Katherine Terry Senior travel specialist, Knighton Reeve

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Our craft

Regardless of the CMS platform and frameworks, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

However, with Craft CMS, we’re able to take our development work to the next level.

In 2019 we were very proud to become Craft CMS Partners — one of very few UK agencies to be recognised as experts by the platform itself!

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