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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

A clean bill of health: new website for DDH

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare (DDH) is a retailer for specialist healthcare equipment, including medical apparatus, hospital beds, care home beds and mobility aids. They approached us to develop a new site with improved functionality and unify a multi-strand business offering into a clear, single proposition.

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To address sub-optimal website performance, a dated design, meet the requirement for a new payment gateway and custom integration for product, stock and order management.

DDH's previous site was home to all three sub-brands of the company, but needed to operate smoothly under one new, improved proposition.

The client required a variety of improvements including one point of truth for product integrations, enhanced stock management and search facilities to improve sales and the overall customer experience.

Other challenges included streamlining the checkout process and creating functionality that could tailor the experience and options to the account type of the user in question.

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A quicker, more secure user experience.

Taking advantage of Craft's advanced functionality, we utilised critical CSS to render above-the-fold content for the user as quickly as possible.

Much of the rest of the project was focused on speed, accuracy and security, ensuring the user would be able to navigate the site quickly, be fed the right information and ensure they are served the appropriate products options quickly and efficiently.

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Custom features for a more pleasant, productive and streamlined user experience.

To simplify the customer journey, we created a custom Craft module built for processing data from DDH’s third-party PIM (product management system). This meant we could organise the data in a more meaningful way, to make the relevant information more obvious when landing on the page, and when vital product information was required for the checkout process.

Streamlining and tailoring the checkout process was crucial to the heart of this project, so we continued with our custom elements when it came to a middleware plugin that was designed to interact with their Sage system.

The results of this included enhanced stock management, retrieval times of both stock and customer information, as well as reducing transaction times by processing an order in a queue-system post payment.

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A B2B website in the best of health.

With a much simpler user experience, tailored to the customer, bespoke integrations to improve speed and security, the site is now geared up to help customers and DDH, maximising efficiency and usability.

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