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Email Marketing

Behavioural marketing for your brand

Email is one of the most cost-effective, return-driven methods of online marketing. Take a look at why and how we build email marketing into our clients' digital strategies.

423%higher click through rate than the industry averagePark Leisure

36%higher click through rate than the industry averageMKM Building Supplies

133%higher open rate than the retail industry averageNisa

How we do it

Behavioural marketing taken to the next level

Email often has one of the highest conversion rates of all the marketing strategies available to businesses.

By creating segments of your customer data based on browsing habits, onsite engagements, personal brand preferences and more, we're able to deliver incredibly targeted messages to your customers, ultimately making the email journey a much more personalised experience for the user.

We're also the official UK partner of US based ECRM providers, Drip, enabling us to offer you the next level in solution in behavioural marketing.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows are a core part of any email marketing strategy, allowing you to maximise opportunities based on specific behaviours, on the fly. We'll look at what automations we can put in place to offer your customers a more fluid, dynamic user experiences, as well as making your email marketing strategy more efficient.

Behavioural Campaigns

Behavioural marketing applies across every channel, but is incredibly important within email marketing. Customers expect a level of personalisation that can only be gained through in depth analysis and segmentation of their behaviour, allowing you to show your customers content and products that are specific to them.

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