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The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns 2018

Which brands created egg-cellent campaigns to really get into the spring spirit, and which ended up having egg on their face?

The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns 2018

We thought you might need a bit of inspiration in 2019.

Easter is a busy time for all marketers, in particular the chocolate and confectionery industry. However, It’s easy to think that Easter isn’t applicable to your brand, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

We’ve included a bunch of great campaigns (and no’ll see) from large and small brands, that will help you come up with ideas in the run (hop) up to Easter.

1. Deliveroo - Game of Thrones dragon eggs:

As we ramp up for the final series of Game of Thrones, we’ve heard that Deliveroo has decided to join the hype this easter with their latest marketing campaign by releasing limited edition GOT dragon chocolate eggs.

Deliveroo Game Of Thrones
Image via gizmodo

A clever incentive by Deliveroo’s marketing team, the three eggs will be purchasable through their online app in a select number of cities in the UK for a bargain price.

Deliveroo knows their target audience - people who watch Game of Thrones will enjoy a night in, in front of the TV and order their favourite food. The uniqueness of the idea plays to the hype of GoT, and already multiple national news sites have picked up this story - great visibility for the brands.

We can definitely see this campaign helping to draw in new account sign ups from consumers and fans alike trying to get their hands on the limited edition eggs. We’re already watching this space to see how they continue to market this campaign digitally and offline.

2. Ikea - flat pack chocolate easter bunny:

The main challenge for brands at Easter is - how do they fit into a market that shouldn’t really be theirs. IKEA knows what they’re famous for - flat packing! They've been keen to ‘hop’ on the easter bandwagon this year, with the introduction of their flat pack chocolate easter bunny called Vårkänsla.

Ikea Flat Pack Easter Egg
Via Ladbible

A creative play on their self-assembled products, Vårkänsla comes packaged complete with instructions on how to build the 3D bunny. Not surprisingly for the creative marketing geniuses at Ikea, this campaign is on brand to a ‘tee’ and has gained huge traction on social media and news outlets alike for its humorous creativity, whilst driving consumers straight into stores.

It stands out for us, as it is true to brand, creative and fun and compliments what they’re known for. For once this is a flat pack we’d be happy to assemble and that’s why we’ve included it.

3. Marmite Easter Egg!

Continuing with the topic of ‘brands that don’t belong in this space - Marmite! It’s always been a love or hate topic for this company, which causes volume of debate across the internet, which is exactly what you want! Visibility and hype at a time you’d usually get very little.

"Yeast extract. Full on flavour. The one and only yeastier egg. 100% vegetarian. Love it or hate it! You just have to try it!"

Marmite Flavour Easter Egg
Marmite Flavour Chocolate Egg

We’ve picked this because the campaign is genius. Teaming up with Asda, it puts the brand in the chocolate aisle during a key trading period. It gives ASDA a USP and reason for marmite lovers to specifically visit their store and website. The worst thing for a campaign is apathy! Marmite knows how passionate their advocating fans are and another great campaign to showcase their ability to get people talking/arguing.

Asda's sales rose 0.1% in the 12 weeks to 24 March taking its market share to 15.4%, research firm Kantar said.

4. Haribo - starmix alternative easter double yolker competition:

Haribo has also entered the mix this easter, the non-chocolate based sweet brand has created a fun, quirky and on brand campaign, that is based on finding ‘double yolker’ sweets within their limited edition packets of Starmix.

The #HuntTheDoubleYolker competition is easy for consumers to take part in, they simply need to pick up a packet of limited edition Starmix at their local food store and see if a ‘double yolker’ egg is in the packet for their chance to win a UK family holiday.

With this relatively small campaign being marketed across their brand packaging and social media, we’re excited to see how consumers react and engage with this non-chocolate based campaign.

Not forgetting some old favourites

Here are just a few campaigns we thought were definitely worth shouting about...

5. White Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

Cadbury’s created a limited White Creme Egg, and added a Wonka style win £2,000 if you managed to find it. Messing with a staple english favourite was a great way for Cadbury’s to create virility, so they’re doing the same in 2019 too.

This years campaign has already seen Cadbury’s taking the easter egg hunt to a whole new level. The brand has been busy partnering up with other International companies, then seemingly appearing to hack into their websites, offline advertisements as well as social media feeds and hiding their milk and White Creme Eggs amongst their visual ads for consumers to spot and win prizes. We definitely think they’re onto a winner with this campaign!

6. Nisa - 5 Ways To Enjoy Eggs This Easter (Not The Chocolate Kind)

Last year we worked with Nisa Local helping to think of content outside of the box away from the usual Chocolate overload. We worked on a bunch of recipes to help grow their organic visibility. This is a good example of not just applying to the chocolate industry.

7. Google (no) Doodle

You’ll notice from time to time, Google add a doodle to the search results page - they’ve honored many greats, Robert Moog, Pac-Man to name a few. Controversially - amongst christians - they choose not to honour easter as part of their celebrations. Interesting debates over here. Google didn’t entirely ignore it. Here’s a tweet…

This isn’t a campaign! Why is it in here? The reason we’ve included this, is religion within marketing can be complicated. Sometimes deliberately used to provoke, and other times brands treat with apathy - usually in an effort to not offend or perturb sections of their audience. We thought we’d include this, as easter might be a campaign you decide to ignore altogether, as sometimes the backlash from a campaign is just not worth the bad exposure you may well get.

It’s interesting to see that both big and small brands are getting more creative, fun and socially engaging with their approach to Easter content year on year.

Easter is evidently still being seen as a prominent marketing event within many sectors, and we’re starting to see brands develop and tailor their campaigns further around who they are, what they sell and how that ultimately brings in ROI for them, whether that be through awareness, engagement or driving traffic in store and online.

Key Points

Understanding your audience and what drives them is key to any marketing campaign. You can’t grow without new customers - so finding yourself appear in places you wouldn’t usually is key to a strong easter marketing campaign. Here’s out top tips for success...

  1. Know your audience
  2. Stay true to your brand and values - give your audience something to discuss
  3. Spin it - Think about how you can be seen in a space, when by rights, you shouldn’t be seen

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The Best Easter Marketing Campaigns 2018

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