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Maximising return on ad spend for fashion e-commerce

Coco Boo Loves is a clothing boutique based in Halifax. Through their popular e-commerce site, they offer the latest trends to a community of fashion-forward followers across the UK. Here’s how we got virtual customers through Coco Boo Loves’ virtual shop door, delivering a stunning 1906% return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Finding the perfect fit in a crowded social landscape.

We don’t quite appreciate how many ads we are exposed to on a daily basis. According to one estimate, it’s between 6,000 and 10,000 every day — a mind-boggling number.

So with Internet users averaging two hours and 24 minutes on social mediaeach day, getting in front of these audiences is a potentially highly lucrative endeavour.

As such, Coco Boo needed something different that would create meaningful, engaging interactions with consumers — an effective, efficient and engaging social ads strategy.

We put our best thinking caps on, broke out the Extreme drawing board and developed a strategy that would set our ads apart from the plethora of other fashion brands targeting the same demographics.



Standing out by communicating a personal, relatable brand.

What makes Coco Boo Loves different from larger retailers is the personality and relatability of their organic content.

A family business of two fashion-loving sisters and their mum — known on their channels as Mama Coco — they have an authentic presence which has built them strong relationships with an ever-growing community of customers.

We wanted to translate this passion for empowering women and their celebration of fun fashion into their social ads. Our vision was to connect customers to the values of the brand, ultimately building a unique type of relationship.

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Combining creativity with strategy for maximum impact.

We delivered a paid social strategy optimised for the industry, adaptable to the ever-changing landscape of fashion and incorporated social media trends. This included a plan for tracking ROI, split-testing cold and warm audiences as well as budget management.

The use of video creative and carousel-style social ads helped Coco Boo Loves to stand out. By ensuring consistent updates to imagery — each showcasing new designs — their content was kept interesting, fresh and engaging.

At Extreme, we like to work with a funnel-based model which caters to crucial stages of the customer journey. This strategy focused heavily on the latter stages, building upon Coco Boo Loves’ significant organic audience and encouraging sales with those already invested in the brand.

1906%ROAS (June 2020)

74%increase in landing page views

19%increase in web sessions from social


A paid social strategy that’s on the button.

We’ve seen some knockout results so far. Within less than a year of strategic advertising management, we’ve managed to increase Coco Boo Loves’ return on ad spend by 428%. That’s a cost per purchase that is almost half what it was a year ago.

With over 18.5 million impressions, a 74% increase in landing page views and 1033% total return on ad spend, Coco Boo Loves are thriving, with their community of ‘Coco Dolls’ growing every month.

“With such a large team covering all areas including paid ads, content, design and data analysis, Extreme have us fully covered with the work we don’t have time to do. These guys know their stuff!”

Mel Owner, Coco Boo Loves

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