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The Body Doctor E-commerce Website

A flexible Shopify e-commerce website that supercharged DTC sales

We designed and developed a mobile-first Shopify platform that got The Body Doctor’s customers converting like never before.

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Joe Pagan

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A website failing to deliver direct-to-consumer e-commerce results in a crowded market.

The Body Doctor weren’t happy with their old site’s ability to deliver direct-to-consumer conversions. Theirs is already a competitive sector, and traffic being sent to The Body Doctor website through marketing activity wasn’t being truly capitalised upon. The website failed to properly communicate the new brand strategy.

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An intuitive, secure, robust and easy-to-manage platform that focuses the user journey and works hard to increase sales.

For The Body Doctor’s needs, Shopify ticks all the right boxes.

It allows us to create a UX-optimised site where conversion is smooth and secure — a great place to send organic and paid traffic to, with a proven, stable checkout process and flow that’s been adopted by over 500,000 online stores.

Shopify allows us to create a design where there’s a clear, intuitive path to purchase for website visitors, particularly those on mobile devices. The flexibility offered makes it simple to incorporate the new branding strategy into a UX-optimised design.

Since new products, ranges and other pages can need to change at a moment’s notice, we envisioned a website where content is easy to manage and simple to amend for The Body Doctor’s in-house marketing teams — a website able to grow, adapt and scale flexibly.

Shopify also allows us to build websites in line with Google’s ‘mobile-first’ indexing and ranking behaviours, helping the website to perform optimally in search engine results.

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Mobile first, UX friendly, on brand, beautifully designed, technically excellent and simple to edit. The perfect platform for selling more online, direct to consumer.


Combining our SEO, UX, design and development expertise into a coherent, clear website strategy and build.

As well as the initial technical domain considerations and strategy, the project went through a number of key phases: UX design, visual design, development, testing and roll out.

This robust process ensured we created a fully functional, highly robust and completely considered website that performs powerfully and effectively in search engines and for end users.

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A new online platform that unmasked sales potential — fit to drive traffic and conversions.

With a brand new, responsive, UX-optimised, stunning Shopify site, it didn’t take long for a marked direct-to-consumer sales uplift to reveal itself.

The new platform delivered an impressive 43% increase in Shopify revenue and a whopping 64% improvement in returning customer rate.

Working in tandem with our innovative email, social media and PPC marketing strategy, the new platform also got the ad budgets working as hard as ever before, with return on ad spend (ROAS) up by 110%!

43%increase in Shopify revenue

64%increase in returning customer rate

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