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Extreme's new studio is in motion…

Helping out clients stand out from the crowd is what we do — so we’re thrilled to be unveiling our new photography and motion studio.

Extreme's new studio is in motion…

There's a lot of digital noise out there. A lot.

That's why, here at Extreme, we’re always looking for new ways to cut through on behalf of our clients.

Video, photography and motion are increasingly important tools for achieving this.

As such, we’re thrilled to be cutting the ribbon on our new photography and motion studio, reflecting growing client demand for video content. This dedicated suite at our lovely Harrogate HQ will streamline the production of creative content, further enhancing our in-house capabilities. In short, helping our clients to stand out even more!

Our motion team has already been busy over the past few months creating bespoke content for our clients’ social feeds. Video output has included everything from recipes to GIFs to support our clients’ social media marketing strategies.

Here’s what our MD, Antony, had to say about the new studio and the importance of video.

“The landscape for content is becoming more and more competitive — as such, growing value is being placed on creative video. The investment in this new studio gives us the in-house capability to produce high-quality motion as well as photography. As a captivating, easy-to-digest format, the importance of video is soaring — for product education, conversions and even SEO.

“The production of motion requires a larger investment, yet statistics back up its incredible value. 72 percent prefer to learn about new products or services by way of video, with mobile video consumption forecast to rise by 100 percent per year. Studies demonstrate that video is the favourite type of content for a majority of users.”

Is your marketing lacking a bit of creative flair? We’ll show you how to move… 

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