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SHOW US YOUR BRIEFS! Let's get creative this summer.

SHOW US YOUR BRIEFS! Let's get creative this summer.

We know, the days of sitting in a meeting room and chatting through marketing ideas seem a long time ago, but as we slowly start to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and perhaps a seemingly permanent migration into stretchy clothing (just us?), we think it’s time to start talking briefs.

Show us your briefs!

That’s right, we want to resurrect old ones, consider some new ones, even hear about the tight ones - we just want you to send us your marketing briefs this summer. If there’s a product you want to launch, or some idea you just need getting off the ground with a mix of creative and technical know-how, then let’s have ‘em - even if the turnaround feels ambitious, let’s have a go.

The great thing about digital services is, we’ve never stopped - there has been no slow down for us and our team is here and ready to go - albeit remotely and appropriately socially distant at all times.

Show us your briefs

It’s time for summer briefs to see the light of day..

We’ll select ten briefs we receive and come back to each one with a bespoke, shiny, and importantly, ready-to-go marketing idea - there’s no obligation; if you love it and want to chat about bringing it to life with our help, great. If not, you can go and put it with the other briefs you wish you’d acted on in the past, but never did - regret is a terrible thing!

If you want to be one of the lucky ones, you can send us your campaign brief - in 250 words or less - to: [email protected]

P.S. We’re also offering small independent businesses the chance to launch their own ecommerce store at a heavily-discounted cost. Find out more about our starter e-commerce packages.

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Amy joined in 2014 to set up our PR department. She now heads up a growing PR and Content team, utilising over 13 years’ experience to deliver brand awareness through targeted, multi-channel copy. As well as engaging content for websites and blogs, Amy delivers PR strategies and tone of voice exploration, helping clients to communicate the purpose and values of their brand with maximum impact.

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