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Fresh soup brand Glorious! is part of TSC Foods and its travel-inspired premium soup ranges are stocked at supermarkets and convenience stores across the UK.

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Glorious! Foods

21% 21% increase in sales

#1 For social media engagement against all competitors on all platforms

“I’m really pleased, you have grasped G! so well!”

Emma Gale Brand Manager, GLORIOUS! Foods


Standing out in the soup market to increase market share

Following one of the hottest summers on record, soup season finally arrived, and with it, the opportunity for Glorious! to let shoppers know that soup was back on the menu. Having managed their social media activity in-house for the past year, Glorious! wanted an agency to create a social media strategy that would increase awareness and bring their adventurous personality back to the brand.

Glorious Shoot@2X Glorious Bowl@2X

We needed a standout social campaign and identity to bring back the brand’s adventurous spirit

Glorious 1800X1770 Glorious 1770X1640 3


Inspire shoppers to ban the boring and be more adventurous with their soup selection

Whilst conducting our own market research, we discovered that: soup competitors all adopted a similar visual style on social; Glorious! had the largest social presence but a low engagement rate; bowl food was the big trend; recipe UGC was popular amongst FMCG brands.

With multiple audiences to consider, from vegans and vegetarians to health-conscious millennials and our gluten-free friends, the content strategy would need to ensure we delivered the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Glorious 1800X1770 2 Glorious Street@2X


Implementing a bold User Generated Content campaign

We developed and implemented a bold new social identity and tone of voice for Glorious Soup through our #BoldBowls user generated content campaign.

Glorious! followers and shoppers were invited to ‘show us their #BoldBowls’ on the Glorious! social media channels. The campaign was promoted using a series of creative video posts (and stories!) to drive conversation around tasty toppings, delicious dunkers and added adventurous ingredients that could transform a bowl of soup into a #BoldBowl.

To further increase reach and awareness, micro-influencers we also invited to submit their #BoldBowls and share the campaign with their highly-engaged followers.

Glorious Mobile 1
Glorious Mobile 3
Glorious Mobile 2


Bringing out the Glorious! brand on social media

With a new social identity and tone of voice, not only did the campaign capture the spirit of adventure of the brand, but it helped them stand out in the soup market. There was a 396% uplift in social impressions, 1626% increase in total social engagements and a top three placement for Instagram engagement, up two places, in their competitor landscape.

21% 21% increase in sales

#1 For social media engagement against all competitors on all platforms

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