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Zero visibility to search dominance; how five pieces of content drove over 350,000 organic sessions in four months

Inspired Health — a leading provider of health and wellness products — approached us wanting to increase their search engine visibility and cement their reputation as a trusted source of information on the menopause. Here's how we secured hundreds of new rankings and drove over 350,000 organic sessions in mere months.

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Outranking some of the web’s most trusted sources of healthcare information.

Following Google’s E-A-T algorithm update, ranking for health-related searches is harder than ever and requires a very different approach.

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Creating highly targeted, fact-checked, evidence-led content.

In order to rank in such ultra-competitive results, the content we created had to outperform the rest in every possible sense. We set about creating the most comprehensive, well-informed and targeted pieces of content for each of our chosen topics.

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A collaborative organic search and content creation strategy that drove over 350,000 sessions in the space of four months with just five pieces of content.

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Search-optimised content structured to rank for hundreds of individual search terms and featured snippets.

After a combination of extensive topic and keyword research and a detailed SERP analysis, we discovered opportunities to structure our content in a particular way.

This would allow us to outrank out competitors for a high volume of individual keywords and claim numerous featured snippets along the way, helping achieve greater brand exposure than ever before.

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Hundreds of rankings, dozens of featured snippets and over 350,000 sessions — and counting!

We took a website that had quite literally no visibility for any searches relating to the menopause and delivered delivered five pieces of content that are the top traffic-driving pages on the site.

This has generated over 350,000 organic sessions in only several months, positioning the brand as a trusted authority on this topic.

Whilst never a stated objective by the client, these pages have even driven product sales and directly contributed to new newsletter signups.

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