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29% YoY increase in organic traffic — a handcrafted search strategy

Founded in 1973, Treske creates beautifully-designed, bespoke solid and hardwood furniture and kitchens.

We were tasked with increasing awareness, conveying the craftsmanship behind the brand, as well as growing the quantity and quality of enquiries.

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29%YoY increase in organic traffic (Aug 2019 - Feb 2020)

10%cost-per-click decrease

44%increase in search impression share


Standing out in a highly competitive, high-end market place.

Treske operates in a crowded market place. We were challenged with finding opportunities where we could gain visibility in the search results and stand out against competitors — many of whom provide the same high-quality, bespoke products as Treske.

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Conveying the quality and craftsmanship behind the brand.

The language used on the website didn’t entirely reflect the language we were using as part of our search strategy.

Briefed by the SEO team, Extreme’s content team set about reworking the language across the site to ensure greater relevance, consistency, and keyword targeting.

“We choose to work with Extreme because of their flexible, multi-skilled approach under one roof. We can dip into the knowledge of the different teams to maximise our sales and exposure.”

Justin Bartlett CEO, Treske

Justin Bartlett


Reverse engineering the search results.

A detailed Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis allowed us to identify where the opportunities lay in such competitive search results. By reverse-engineering the search results, we were able to better understand user intent, the type of content Google favoured, and what we needed to do to appear there.

Working closely with the SEO team, we developed a PPC strategy which allowed us to target key areas of the business, driving traffic and conversions. The process included extensive keyword and competitor research to select the niche terms which we believed would drive meaningful traffic.

This allowed us to ensure we showcase ad content appealing to those looking for the high-end bespoke products that Treske manufactures. By looking at key areas such as audiences, time of day and device we were able to optimise PPC performance to ensure budget was spent as efficiently as possible.

A fully-integrated search strategy that successfully grew the online presence of one of Yorkshire’s finest furniture producers.

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Collaborative search strategy delivers increased visibility.

Following the successful implementation of a fully-integrated organic and paid search strategy, Treske has seen search visibility grow with a 28.62% increase in organic traffic, leading to an uplift in new enquiries.

Through PPC activity, we have been able to increase search impression share by 44% — meaning that the company is now more visible for the keywords being targeted.

Not only is Treske more visible and retaining an increased real estate across the SERPs, we have been able to decrease average cost-per-click (CPC) by 10% whilst increasing clicks.

The end result — generating more, higher-quality clicks to the site for a reduced cost.

29%YoY increase in organic traffic (Aug 2019 - Feb 2020)

10%cost-per-click decrease

44%increase in search impression share

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