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Digital reigns - some of our marketing success in the 'new normal'

It's been a challenging past year for many businesses, but fortunately that hasn't stopped team Extreme delivering some knockout results for clients.

Digital reigns - some of our marketing success in the 'new normal'

It's been a funny old year for many businesses.

As a result of the global pandemic, many of us have had to adapt to completely unfamiliar ways of working. Since March last year, millions of new home offices have suddenly sprung up in conservatories, on dining room tables and in spare rooms up and down the country.

With the world (even more) online, there has been increased competition for digital space, a noisier marketplace for many sectors and a need to really stand out in front of consumers. Many businesses have pivoted to digital marketing for the first time.

Fortunately, we're delighted to have been able to help many of our clients navigate these choppy seas, reporting some amazing results across many sectors.

So, if you don't mind, let's take a look at three examples of client success (out of many) over the last few months, shall we?

Prodoto is a world-class commercial photography studio working with household names and international brands.

The challenge was to increase search visibility in what are incredibly competitive search engine results pages (SERPs) — with the aim of delivering meaningful organic traffic that translates to sales.

Some of the standout results included...

  • 22% YOY increase in enquiries
  • 29% YOY increase in organic sessions

You can find out how we did it by checking out our full case study.

Prodoto Logo.

Second up, Doulton. They are water filtration specialists who design and manufacture ceramic water filters for the home. With all of us spending more time indoors, this opened up a great opportunity for them — one which our digital team has helped them to maximise.

We streamlined their previously multi-agency approach into one which could meet all needs and deliver on brand awareness, customer engagement and sales, utilising strategy, PR, content, social media, PPC, SEO, email and design.

We're pretty proud of the results of our multi-channel campaign...

  • 94% increase in transactions
  • 156% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
  • 132% increase in revenue
  • 87% improvement in ROAS

Want to know how we did it? Our case study spills all the beans.

Water in situ.

Last but not least,Inspired Health — a leading provider of supplements and vitamins stocked in retail stores and online.

They enlisted our help as part of a SEO-led content optimisation strategy focused on one of their key products.

With high street retail sales obviously having taken rather a large hit of late, our remit was to drive traffic (and ultimately boost sales).

The results (so far) include...

  • 30 (much coveted) featured snippets
  • Search engine visibility up by over 88.73% for tracked keywords
  • Rankings soaring across the board for relevant searches

This is just the tip of the iceberg; we're working with diverse clients all over the UK on ensuring they are seen, heard and front of the queue for customer engagement.

If you're trying to find a full-service digital agency to help you through the pandemic and into the 'post-COVID' world, we can help — get in touch with our expert digital team.

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