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Navy Professional Ltd

Our creative, data-driven paid search makeover for a beauty industry leader

Discover how we revolutionised Navy's paid search strategy, enabling the brand to grow and consistently nail new, converting customers.

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Lucie Heseltine

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Brushing off brand-based terms.

Navy Professional provides tools to those in the beauty industry. Before working with us, they were struggling to find the time required to adequately manage their account.

Google’s (often questionable) automatic recommendations had led to an account structure that was bloated and messy. Despite the overwhelmingly positive return on ad spend (ROAS) being generated, results and growth had plateaued.

We love being honest and transparent with our clients, and we had a clear challenge. To deliver overall growth, we would have to take an action that would undeniably lead to an overall decrease in both PPC generated revenue, and the average ROAS.

Namely, pausing the previously highly successful broad match brand campaign. A risky move! Or is it?

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Some beauty treatment for Navy's campaign structure.

Many agencies focus on brand-based terms. These can inflate your results, especially if you’re dominating the paid search results organically with minimal paid competition.

However, to find and drive new customers to the site, a focus on non-brand search terms is almost always beneficial.

As well as the complete overhaul of the search structure, we envisioned a Google Product Feed. This would allow Navy to diversify the channels on which they could appear and start to reach new customers who would be searching for the specific products that Navy is renowned for.

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Navy's budget is being spent in a more effective way, driving new customers to the site and ensuring that the brand is highly discoverable for a range of relevant product searches.


A data-led, insight-driven paid search makeover to steal impression market share.

Our new campaign structure took a little while to get going - starting from scratch can often have this effect.

But, with close monitoring of the search terms data and constant optimisation of the campaigns, we started to see some excellent results around key non-brand terms, stealing impression share away from Navy’s key competitors.

We gradually expanded our shopping campaigns, focusing on those products which were delivering the best return. We worked on a supplemental feed to better optimise the product titles and descriptions based on that all-important search terms data.

We have also introduced some ‘performance max’ campaigns; Google’s newest offering. So far, these have helped us to deliver a huge amount of brand awareness. They have also revealed new, surprising data on which products can sell when you begin a strategy to proactively go after prospective customers (rather than waiting for them to come to us).

22%increase in new users (Jan-Apr, YoY)

21%increase in overall site revenue (Jan-Apr, YoY)

21%average ROAS (despite no brand campaign)


Nailing the paid search results with a strategy fit for growth.

Although the average return on ad spend is significantly lower than the dizzy heights of before - the result of the misguided brand-led approach - it is still exceptionally high, and consistently over 2000%.

More importantly, Navy’s budget is being spent in a more effective way, driving new customers to the site and ensuring that the brand is highly discoverable for a range of relevant product searches.

The 22% increase in new customers and 21% increase in overall revenue speaks for itself. We believe this is a strategy that can help Navy Professional to achieve long term growth and we’re thrilled to see what’s to come!

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