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Google Shopping

It's your largest, most sophisticated shop window to the world.

By linking a well optimised shopping feed to your Google Ads account, we can help your customers discover a snapshot of your products above the search results, complete with an image and price.

Right from our Yorkshire HQ, Extreme's Google Shopping advertising experts will get your campaigns working and selling as hard as possible.

Google Ads

Helping your products to fly off the virtual shelves

To maximise your return on ad spend and help your products perform at their very best in search engine results, we will take care of a number of things.

  • Setting up your merchant centre account

  • Shopping feed optimisation — Your shopping feed shouldn't be seen as 'set and forget'. Improving it is an ongoing project informed by search terms, industry and website insights.

  • Building your Google Shopping campaigns — We take a granular approach. The more intricate the structure, the more control you have over bid and budget management. It takes more up front work, but in the long run it’s far more effective than lumping all of your products in one monster campaign!

  • Ongoing management of bids and budget

  • Implementing smart shopping campaigns (where necessary)

Of course, online shopping isn't confined to Google. Are you considering launching your products on Amazon, or do you already have an Amazon store? You might be interested in our Amazon advertising service.
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Integrated & collaborative

A paid search strategy should work in harmony with your wider marketing efforts.

Extreme's PPC campaigns draw on the analytical and technical experience of the wider team. Each strategy bespoke and made with love by our in-house team in Harrogate, Yorkshire.


On-site and off-site search engine optimisation


Online stores, stock management & fulfillment

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Social media management, paid social and influencer marketing

We're a Google Shopping advertising agency in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

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We'll invest time getting to grips with what you need to meet your objectives and reach your audiences; then we’ll bring together the best possible combination of our digital marketing and web development experts to deliver your project.