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Hacktoberfest x Extreme, SPECIAL — Drip Plugin Release for Craft CMS

Did you think team Extreme's contribution to Hacktoberfest was over? Oh, how wrong you are — there's a last hurrah for our contributions to the OSS community! Discover more information on our final activity for Hacktoberfest: a Drip Plugin Release for Craft CMS...

Hacktoberfest x Extreme, SPECIAL — Drip Plugin Release for Craft CMS

Whilst the dev team were contributing to various Open Source projects through Hacktoberfest, we thought “can we do more to contribute to OSS?”

Of course we could! The team set about coming up with ideas for what creative idea we would build.

Will Ferrell stroking his chin, as if curious.

Being a CraftCMS Partner, it made sense for us to develop a free plugin for the Craft community. Earlier in 2019 Extreme became the exclusive UK Agency partner of Drip eCRM, and naturally, we work a lot with them. Not just through our web development, but also the technical marketing team.

Craft CMS logo.

Given the benefits of integrating your website with Drip to ensure you’re able to implement behavioural marketing strategies and the lack of choice in the CraftCMS Plugin Store for this area, we thought it was about time we made an integration to marry the two together.


Drip is an ECRM (Ecommerce CRM) that offers you the ability to market to your customers in a more personalised and strategic manner. This is achieved by selectively capturing engagement data from your customers as they interact with your website or app, and then using that information to serve more information content to them across the likes of email marketing, and social media.

With this insight into your customers, you begin to generate a better understanding of how your users interact with your brand, and what typical customer journeys tend to look like. With this level of detail, it presents you with a much more holistic overview of your audience.

Drip logo.

You can read more about why and how you should be harnessing the power of Drip, in our mini-series:

Part 1: Why you should be taking advantage of behavioural marketing in 2019.

Part 2: Data Segmentation - how and why?

Part 3: How to get the most out of your customers with automated workflows

Part 4: Key considerations for applying behavioural marketing to your business


Craft developers can install the plugin for free and use it to record events in Drip when a visitor performs actions exposed by the CraftCMS API.

  • Account created
  • Customer login
  • Customer logout
  • Customer profile update

Additionally, websites that use the very popular Freeform plugin can also track form submissions which is incredibly useful to associate initial contact with business through to the final action.

We wanted to make the plugin as easy as possible to install and use, all of the integration work is already done. Users of the plugin only have to add the API key from their Drip account to link it to their Craft installation which is done through the plugin’s dashboard.

The dashboard also provides configuration settings that allow users to tailor the integration to their requirements easily and which no technical skills are required.

Drip settings.

Open Source

Being our last activity for Hacktober 2019, we’re really proud to release this software as Open Source and welcome users to raise issues through GitHub and we’ll do our best to fix and problems or implement new features as soon as possible. Also, if developers want to contribute, they can fork the repo and create a Pull Request for review.

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