Using PR to connect your brand, business and products with paying customers
Trusted by more than 300 companies of all sizes, across a diverse range of industries

Business-to-consumer PR that grows authority, awareness & leads

Harnessing a number of techniques, we create PR strategies that grow your exposure and bring in new business.

  • Discovering, understanding & engaging your audience: We take a people-first approach by discovering where your customers are, what makes them tick, and the best way to reach them. From there, we build attention-grabbing PR campaigns to amplify your message, whether that be in local, regional or national press, or niche/trade publications (on and offline).

  • Product PR: Launching a new product or want to put the rocket boosters under a current range? We can source opportunities for reviews, competitions and other coverage in the publications that your would-be customers are reading.

  • Building relationships for your brand: Once journalists know about your brand or business proposition, they can often get in touch themselves - leading to PR opportunities landing in your lap! We nourish these sorts of relationships for you.

  • Growing your search engine visibility: Is your website answering the questions your target audience are asking about your products or services? Through strategic, data-driven B2C content marketing strategies, we get your brand ranking as highly as possible, generating new traffic and leads.

Finding your customers and introducing them to your brand.

Many people see PR as 'free advertising' with more credibility - non-paid press coverage can carry added authenticity.

What you say, and how you say it, matters. In a time where consumers are bombarded with messages, a strong PR strategy is key for positioning your brand, product, service and message in the right light - getting you in front of your key audiences when it counts - is paramount.

We’re here to position you as the experts in your field, so your customers know you're there, ready to provide a solution to their problem. We define, create and share your message far and wide.

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