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Glorious! Soup Campaign

Launching Glorious! Soups' new range with a creative social campaign

Through a creative social media campaign, we drove demand for the new Glorious! new product range with targeted paid social ads, TikTok collaboration and a brand-new Instagram filter.

Sending soup sales soaring with a creative social media campaign to launch the Glorious! Adventures range to the UK’s lunchtime lovers.

1M+impressions generated across Facebook, Instagram & TikTok

600ksoup fans reached through paid social

25kvideo views across the three campaign videos


Launch the new Glorious! Adventures soup range with an engaging social media campaign.

Known for their adventurous flavours and healthy, fresh soups, Glorious! launched a new premium range into Sainsbury’s to mark the start of soup season — Glorious! Adventures.

The end of summer marks an important turning point in the calendar for soup brands, and to launch a new product, you need to ensure you’re standing out on the shelves. So, Glorious! presented us with a brief to dominate the chilled soup landscape across social media during the return of soup season!

Our challenge was to stir up a social media campaign that would achieve brand resonance amongst the core millennial audience and drive existing and new customers to Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.

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Glorious! Soup Sri Lankan Spiced Chicken


Reach more soup eaters and Sainsbury’s shoppers than any other chilled soup brand.

This social media campaign needed to complement Glorious!’s Always On content plan whilst simultaneously communicating the indulgent look and taste of the new soup range.

Therefore, with video posts on Instagram receiving twice as much engagement as compared to other types of posts, we decided to centre the campaign around three hero videos, partnering with Reel Film to produce several cinematic shot videos.

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Deploy a creative social media campaign that stopped the scroll and got tummies rumbling.

With our immersive videos shot and ready to go, we used paid social ads on Facebook and Instagram to deliver them straight to the social feeds of Sainsbury’s shoppers and soup lovers.

Over on Instagram, we partnered with key micro-influencers in the different Glorious! audience communities to tell their followers about the new soup range. We were also the first amongst Glorious!’s competitors to launch an Instagram filter that matched countries with a Glorious! soup flavour to amplify the new range.

But to really fulfill our vision of being the number one soup brand that soup lovers and Sainsbury's shoppers were engaging with, we took to TikTok to collaborate with food Creator @OllieEats on our first TikTok partnership, driving awareness on a whole new platform, to a brand new audience

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A soup-erb result for Glorious! Adventures.

During the launch campaign, Glorious! grew their Instagram community by 10% and we achieved over 1 million social impressions, delivering on our awareness objective.

Social engagements soared, as Glorious! was the number one soup brand for likes, comments, shares and saves across their Instagram, and even outpaced their average competitor. Plus, there were over 10k engagements on content created by the campaign influencers.

TikTok is the gift that keeps on giving with 35.6k video views at the end of the campaign, but twelve months later @Ollieeats' content has almost doubled with 56.2k video views.

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