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Digital PR, brand perception and reputation management

PR is how we tie all of your marketing together. It's the mechanism for projecting your brand’s image into your industry, increasing awareness and celebrating your success.

As a digital PR agency with more than 15 years’ expertise, we know what it takes to make your voice heard in a busy digital landscape — with the ultimate aim, usually, of boosting your bottom line.

Understanding your audiences.

All good PR strategies begin by gathering an understanding of your objectives and target audience. Depending on your aims and audiences, we'll use PR across on and offline media.

Our approach to PR benefits from the insights of other technical teams, allowing us to create strategies that are as targeted and tailored as can be.

Varied and consistent output.

What are the routes to your customers? It might be an awareness-driving editorial, a press release or an award nomination; we use a variety of approaches to build a complete picture.

Working from our offices in Harrogate, Yorkshire, we source valuable opportunities by using the information you provide, as well as working proactively.

The Extreme method

This is how we do it… (you sang that in your head, right?) The way we make sure we deliver great work.



Tell us what you’ve currently got and where you want to be.



Let’s talk about who matters to you and find out where and how to reach them.



Let our experts do what they do best - to help you smash your objectives.



Walking the walk. The results you wanted - delivered, explained and tailored for you.

“I would highly recommend this business, and the dedicated team of people that work within it.”

Lisa Williams Head of Marketing, Park Leisure

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