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On-Page Optimisation

You only need read about any of Google's core algorithm updates in recent years to see they're putting more and more emphasis on content, searcher intent, and the user experience.

Investing time in improving your own content is a no-brainer, yet it is often overlooked. In the right hands the results can be spectacular — leading to increased rankings, traffic and revenue.

How We Optimise Pages

We employ a systematic data-driven approach to create and optimise content that's informed by search, for search.

Content mapping - by combining various historical and real-time data sets, we create a content map that allows us to map target topics to their corresponding pages.

Topic not keyword research - we focus on primary topics and related sub topics to create highly-comprehensive content that has the ability to rank for hundreds of individual search terms.

Search results page analysis - returning to data once more, we analysis the search results to determine the top performing content and what needs to be done to supersede it.

Content optimisation - our content marketing team are briefed on the chosen topics, page optimisation strategy, and structure of the page to give it the best possible chance of ranking.

Refinement - as we gain more data and insights about how the content is performing and search intent changes, we continually refine our content to stay one step ahead of the competition.

National Recognition: Long-Term Marketing Strategy of the Year 2020
Integrated & collaborative

A multichannel approach for comprehensive SEO strategies.

Paid search, PR, content and social media — by choosing Extreme as your SEO agency, you'll benefit the expertise of our entire team. Choose a bespoke SEO strategy, made with love by our in-house team of digital experts in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

PR and content

Press releases, reputation management and brand awareness

Paid advertising

PPC campaigns, optimisation, Google Shopping

Social Media

Social media management, paid social and influencer marketing

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